ASUS officially launches MeMo Pad Smart 10.1 inch tablet

ASUS has officially announced its latest android tablet named as MeMo Pad 10.1. This device was expected to be unveiled at the MWC 2013 but has appeared well before. MeMo Smart Pad 10.1 may be priced between $300 to $365. In India it may sell around Rs 15K to Rs 18K.

Specs of the device looks quiet good. As the name indicates the size of the MeMo tablet is 10.1 inches. It features an IPS capacitive touchscreen display of HD resolution with 1280 X 800 pixels. The tablet supports 10 point multi touch for better user interface.

ASUS MeMo Pad 10.1 is powered by android v4.1 Jelly Bean Os running on 1.2GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad Core processor. It has 1GB RAM and 16GB of in built memory and it also supports Micro SD Card Slot. MeMo Pad has got 5MP rear camera and a 1.2MP front facing camera for video chatting. Weight of the tablet is 580grams.
MeMo Pad 10.1 is not a bad option at all in the 10 inch tablet segment

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10 power hungry Android apps which needs to be avoided

Android gadgets like smartphones and tablet PC’s have become very popular worldwide. Android users can download variety of apps available from Google play store.
According to the analysis made in September 2012 the number of apps downloaded by the android users from the Play store market was 25 billion. Some of the apps use very minimal amount of the battery power whereas some of the other apps seems to be just developed to consume the power. Problem with most of the free android apps is the display of ads on the device. To display these ads the app uses the device to communicate with its server which leads to the consumption of power in the background.

If you want to explore various android apps on your device and at the same time want to keep a tab on your battery power then stay away from few android apps listed below.
The researchers have analyzed the 100 most popular Android applications and have come out with the list of 10 android apps that not only consumes much of the battery life but surprisingly they tend to extract the personal information of its user too.

The list includes:
1. Angry Birds: The most popular game liked by almost all the android users.
2. Toss it game: The most addictive casual game available in google play store.
3. Talking Tom virtual pet: A fun application where a cute little cat or the virtual pet repeats whatever you say.
4. Backgrounds HD Wallpapers: One of the best wallpaper app.
5. Top rated android dictionary app
6. Mouse Trap game: A very additive puzzle game
7. Horoscope: The most popular horoscope application on Android to see into your future.
8. Shazam music: The must have music identification app for android.
9. Brightest Flashlight: Turns on all available lights on the device.
10. Pandora Internet Radio: A free and personalized radio.

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Fed up of Spam SMS or Calls? India Against Spam is the solution

I registered my phone number to “Do Not Disturb” but this service only stops the unwanted spam calls from the telemarketing guys and not there sms’s. Even till today I get the spam messages mostly from the Real estate or insurance guys. To get rid of these I searched and found an interesting android app for my HTC One X.
India Against Spam is an Android app which reports the spam sms/calls which is also termed as Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) to the concerned authority. This app is freely available on the Google Play store.
Whenever a spam sms/call has disturbed you all you need to do is just open this app and it automatically filters the spam numbers from others and then you need to select the spam sms/call from the list and send it. The message will be sent to the TRAI’s toll free number 1909 and a complaint will be registered against the spammers. There after you will be free from spam messages or calls. The app is very simple to use and is less than 1MB in size.

If you don’t need this app and wish to block the spammers then you need to follow the TRAI’s facitlity to lodge the complaint which is little complicated. You have to send an SMS to 1909 in the following format “COMP TEL NO XXXXXXXXXX; dd/mm/yy; Time in hh:mm; short description of Unsolicited Commercial Communication” where XXXXXXXXXX is the phone number or header of the SMS, from which the unsolicited commercial communication originated, for each such unsolicited communication. If you install the app then the above mentioned complex job will be taken care by the app itself.
This app also allows one to register or deregister there number to Do Not Disturb service. You can download the app from here or just type “India Against Spam” in the google play store and download.

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How to use Mp3 Cutter on Android Smartphone?

Do you just love a part in the whole song? Want to use the best part in the music as your ringtone? Or want to cut the unwanted part from the song? Then here is a wonderful android software application called as Mp3 Cutter which fulfills your needs and that too for free.

Mp3 Cutter from beka is one of the top free android apps which cuts any part in the song based on your wish and stores it into the phone’s memory. It works on the Smartphones, Tablets running on android version 2.0.1 and up. The app is quite stable and easy to use. This app supports .mp3 files only.

To download Mp3 Cutter, open the Google PlayStore and type “Mp3 Cutter beka”. Select the app and install it, the size of the app is just 745KB. Before using this app I recommended you to install the File Manager app. Because the Mp3 Cutter stores the edited part of the song in the “/media/audio/” location of the phone memory which can be accessed easily using the file manager software.

Steps to cut the song using Mp3 Cutter:
– Open the Mp3 Cutter App, click on the green button placed on top.
– Browse and select the song from your phone. The song gets loaded in the app.
– Now the app just looks like a player app with some extra buttons. Extra buttons includes a red button and two sets of ‘<>‘ buttons. The first set is used to trim the start point and the second set is used for trimming the end point of the edited song. More explanation on this in next step. The red button is the trigger/halt to cut the song.
– Click the play button to play the song. And when your best part starts playing just click the red button which starts to cut the song. Clicking the red button again will stop the cutting of the song.
– Clicking the Reset Cut button aborts the cut part and starts again for fresh edit, Play Cut plays the edited part of the song and Start cut saves the edited song.
– If you find that the edited song misses some part of your favorite music then this is where the two sets of ‘<>‘ arrow buttons are used to trim the edited part.
– Open the desired location (“/media/audio/”) in the file manager to find the song which can be copied/moved to another location in the memory and can be used as a ringtone, can be shared or deleted etc.

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