10 power hungry Android apps which needs to be avoided

Android gadgets like smartphones and tablet PC’s have become very popular worldwide. Android users can download variety of apps available from Google play store.
According to the analysis made in September 2012 the number of apps downloaded by the android users from the Play store market was 25 billion. Some of the apps use very minimal amount of the battery power whereas some of the other apps seems to be just developed to consume the power. Problem with most of the free android apps is the display of ads on the device. To display these ads the app uses the device to communicate with its server which leads to the consumption of power in the background.

If you want to explore various android apps on your device and at the same time want to keep a tab on your battery power then stay away from few android apps listed below.
The researchers have analyzed the 100 most popular Android applications and have come out with the list of 10 android apps that not only consumes much of the battery life but surprisingly they tend to extract the personal information of its user too.

The list includes:
1. Angry Birds: The most popular game liked by almost all the android users.
2. Toss it game: The most addictive casual game available in google play store.
3. Talking Tom virtual pet: A fun application where a cute little cat or the virtual pet repeats whatever you say.
4. Backgrounds HD Wallpapers: One of the best wallpaper app.
5. Dictionary.com: Top rated android dictionary app
6. Mouse Trap game: A very additive puzzle game
7. Horoscope: The most popular horoscope application on Android to see into your future.
8. Shazam music: The must have music identification app for android.
9. Brightest Flashlight: Turns on all available lights on the device.
10. Pandora Internet Radio: A free and personalized radio.

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