Feligan PowerBrick Universal Charger

Feligan Power Brick Charger is an universal charging solution for all your electronic gadgets. It just needs one socket for the power source and provides multiple outputs consisting of different kinds of connectors. Feligan universal charger is an all in one solution from which 10 different electronic devices can be charged using a single power socket. The charger can charge almost all kinds of smartphones and feature phones. This kind of universal charger may be quite helpful for the guys who have all different species of electronic devices with them like digital camera, cellphone, iPod, tablet, Bluetooth devices, laptops, gaming consoles etc.More Smartphone Tech News here.
Italian made Feligan Powerbrick charger provides protection from short circuits, over current and over voltage. Price of Feligan charger is around Euro 69 (appx Rs 4700).

LG exhibits world’s smallest wireless charger at MWC 2013

After the release of Nokia’s wireless car charger yesterday, LG today disclosed the world’s smallest wireless charger called WCP-300. This small device not only charges it’s own LG Optimus G Pro and Spectrum 2 but all Qi compatible devices, i.e all the portable devices which comprises a power transmission pad and a compatible receiver like Google’s Nexus 4, Vu II and LTE II.

With the help of LG’s wireless charger one can simply boast the battery life by placing the device on the charging pad. The charger is 6.98cm in diameter so that it is easy to carry. According to the company the charging area is 1.7 times wider than that of LG’s previous generation wireless charger. The charger is also compatible with a standard 5-pin micro-USB charger.

WCP-300 mainly works on the principles of electromagnetic induction which produces a magnetic field that in turn generates an electric current to charge the batteries in the devices placed on it.
LG’s WCP-300 is expected to hit the market globally very soon at a price tag of 60$

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Tactus Touchscreen showcased at CES 2013

Last year in one of our article we had mentioned about an innovative technology named as Dynamic Touchscreen or also called as Tactile Touchscreen invented from Tactus Technology an US based company .
Back then the technology was still in developing stage. But this year the company has already integrated it into a tablet and showcased it in the CES gadget show which was held in Las Vegas last month. The below video shows the demo of this technology.

For the people who have never heard of this before, Tactile technology is nothing but the rise of physical transparent buttons on a touchscreen surface on demand. It simply means the small buttons rise up from the screen only when the user enables it else the buttons immerse into the screen, becoming invisible and leaving the flat display alone for maximum viewing angle. It gives some kind of magic in hands like experience.
Tactus uses the fluid mechanism in the touchscreen panel to achieve this extra ordinary functionality. Currently the company hasn’t mentioned about any partners who will be using this in their smartphones or tablets but the company is quiet optimistic of bringing this haptic touchscreen technology not only in the Mobile Industry but also in Automobiles and other Consumer Electronics devices. Will be covering more on this small bumpy buttons technology in coming days.

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Best app to download YouTube videos on Windows Phone 8

Currently there is no official YouTube app developed by Google yet for Windows Phone Os and neither it has any plan to do so atleast in the near future, so in such case many third party software companies have developed their own YouTube players for the Microsoft’s mobile operating system for playing and downloading the YouTube videos.
METROTube is one such beautiful WP app using which one can access the YouTube videos on their Windows Phone 8 smartphone. This app is available for both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 devices.

MetroTube is very simple to use and one of the most popular and demanded app in Windows Phone community. To download the YouTube videos one has to just search the video they want and then click on the “preload” button which starts the downloading process.
Metro Tube is a very neatly designed app and at the same time it has many powerful features just like the official YouTube app has.

Features of MetroTube Version 4.0 are:
– Double sided Live tiles for notifications
– Listen to the Audio even when the Phone is locked
– Pre-Load the videos in different formats like HD, HQ, LQ to watch them watch them offline
– Pin your favorite preloaded video in WP8′s three different tile size
– Easy to use
– Manage the playlist
– Comment, rate, subscribe the Videos
– Share the videos on social networks
– Tiles automatically adapt to the phone theme
Currently the app is not free, it is available for $0.99 on the link mentioned below in this post. In all ways the app is value for money so just go for it.

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