Nokia bringing Waterproof PureView and Lumia Windows Phone devices in Future

Nokia’s Research Center at Cambridge UK are working on an awesome technology called as Superhydrophobic technology . This technology makes the cellphones or any sophisticated electronic devices water resistant. It is inspired from the nature. As the water drops on the lotus leaf it slides down without leaving any wet mark on it. In the similar way Nokia’s Superhydrophobic technologyalso works. A nano-structured coating is sprayed/coated on the device all over which actually traps the air on the surface and when a drop of water falls on this surface the coating makes the liquid to just float in the air without touching the surface. Hence the Superhydrophobic coated devices makes the droplets to bounces and skid on the surface without spreading across. This technology is in its final stage of development and the Finnish smartphones manufacturer has revealed to add this new and unique technology to its future PureView devices and Lumia Windows Phone devices hence bringing them waterproof handsets category.

Watch this amazing video for more information on Nokia’s Super Dry Nanotechnology.

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