LG exhibits world’s smallest wireless charger at MWC 2013

After the release of Nokia’s wireless car charger yesterday, LG today disclosed the world’s smallest wireless charger called WCP-300. This small device not only charges it’s own LG Optimus G Pro and Spectrum 2 but all Qi compatible devices, i.e all the portable devices which comprises a power transmission pad and a compatible receiver like Google’s Nexus 4, Vu II and LTE II.

With the help of LG’s wireless charger one can simply boast the battery life by placing the device on the charging pad. The charger is 6.98cm in diameter so that it is easy to carry. According to the company the charging area is 1.7 times wider than that of LG’s previous generation wireless charger. The charger is also compatible with a standard 5-pin micro-USB charger.

WCP-300 mainly works on the principles of electromagnetic induction which produces a magnetic field that in turn generates an electric current to charge the batteries in the devices placed on it.
LG’s WCP-300 is expected to hit the market globally very soon at a price tag of 60$

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