Mobile Generations – 0G, 1G

You might have heard the word Generation referred as ‘G’ indicates the evolution in the Cell Phone Technology with respect to the time. In the other way we can say the Transformation of the Cell Phone from just a Wireless device into a full featured Smartphone.
There are 4 Generations available till today and another generation i.e, 5G is planned for the next decade 2020 which contains a very advanced requirements & features. Some samsung galaxy tab have 1G built into their features.

I am gonna explain all these G’s in briefly, so let us start from the –

    • Mobile Radio Telephone (0G):

“Over” and “Out” were the two famous words in this generation.
Hope you got what i am technically trying to convey. It simply means only one person can talk at a time using the Push to Talk(PTT) feature also known as Press to Transmit. The conversation used to take place on half-duplex communication lines, using a momentary button to switch from voice reception mode to transmit mode. Hence these two words were used to indicate the transmission is complete from one end so that the other person can reply for it. 0G devices were built in the year 1946 by Motorola and Bell System and these devices used the Mobile Telephone Service to connect to the calls. It means an operator helps us to dial and route the call. Now a days we install Music Systems in the car but in those days the whole Phone-unit was installed in the car.

    • 1G:

Before going further let me give you an example for the Analog signal. Whenever we speak a sound wave gets generated which is a form of Analog signal. 1G devices used the analog technology for the communication which includes the communication on certain frequency band (FDMA – Frequency Division Multiple Access). The conversation was a full duplex meaning both the persons can talk & listen at a time. Device was equipped with direct dialing hence operator help was no more required to connect to a call. The system was able to handle the billing, roaming and call setup functionality. Companies like Nokia, Motorola built such devices in the 1970 decade but it was first commercially used around 1981.
Text messaging was also possible in this generation with some sophisticated devices. Since the whole technology was based on the analog system noise introduction into the signal during communication was a disadvantage. In the current days this generation’s system & devices are no more used.

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