Micromax sued by Ericsson for misusing its patent, Should pay royalty as settlement

The patent war in the smartphone Industry is getting more intense day by day. Micromax and Ericsson fight is the latest one to join this series.

The Swedish Telecom Giant Ericsson has filed a lawsuit on Micromax for violating its wireless patent rights in Delhi HC. According to the lawsuit Micromax is illegally using some of the features related to GPRS, EDGE and 3G technology for which the Ericsson has patented without signing any agreements. Ericsson demanded to pay Rs 100crore by Micromax as damage control.

Currently the case is still pending but until then the high court has asked MMX to deposit anywhere between 1.25% – 2% of sale price as royalty money for every phone and tablet with the court.

Ericsson has more than 30,000 patents in mobile phones and Network technology. Last year the company had attacked Samsung for misusing some of its patents in 4G technology. Currently Ericsson has no Handset manufacturing business since last year Sony bought all the shares out of Sony Ericsson to establish Sony Mobile Communications.