New Android Trojan Virus detected in China, downloads paid apps automatically

TrustGo Security Labs app claim that they have discovered a new Android Malware in Chinese Mobile Market named as Trojan!MMarketPay.A@Android. Once infected with it the Mobile Phone starts placing orders & downloads only paid apps and video contents automatically on behalf of the user and hence increasing the cellphone bill to a very high extent.
TrustGo Mobile discovered the Trojan MMarketPay.A virus on July 4th and it is mentioned that the virus has already affected more than 100,000 devices. Smartphones and other Mobile devices are the potential targets for this virus.

The malware comes as a repackaged applications along with the following package names:
com.mediawoz.goweather, com.mediawoz.gotq, com.mediawoz.gotq1, cn.itkt.travelskygo, cn.itkt.travelsky,,,

The malware can be found in the below mentioned 9 Chinese market:
– nDuoa
– GFan
– AppChina
– TalkPhone

According to TrustGo it is recommended that the customers should download the apps only from the trusted app stores and also download a mobile security app which can scan the malware in real-time.