Windows RT running on ARM based Snapdragon S4 Chipset demoed in Computex 2012

COMPUTEX 2012 has kicked off from yesterday in Taipei, Taiwan. This event is one of the largest computer expo held in the world.

Microsoft’s brand new Os i.e Windows 8 has three versions classified based on the processor types Windows RT for ARM, and Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro for Intel x86 chips. Last week the company has officially released its Windows 8 Release preview in the market. At computex most of the computer/tablet manufacturers are displaying their latest devices running on this version of the Windows Os. Until now most of the tablets powered by ARM based chipsets are running on Android platform. Next half of this year will see some more beautiful tablets, laptops running on the latest windows metro style os.

Qualcomm presented one of the world’s first windows 8 tablet running on ARM platform. Qualcomm’s Krait architecture based Snapdragon S4 soc (system on chip) is built on ARM Cortex A15 processor. The video below shows how smoothly the Windows RT is running on the new ARM platform.