ZTE Athena The New “World’s Thinnest Smartphone”

Just 3days before Chinese Oppo Finder smartphone measuring upto 6.65mm thick was crowned as world’s Thinnest smartphone and now ZTE another Chinese telecom giant has stolen this crown by producing ZTE Athena the slimmest smartphone measuring 6.2mm thick. The thickness difference may be just 0.3mm but it is good enough for ZTE to win the crown. Ultra-thin handsets may be a remarkable engineering achievement but it also needs a special care from the user as it is susceptible to the damages easily.

ZTE Athena hasn’t yet officially announced but some of its features are leaked on the internet.
Running on Android 4.0 Icecream Sandwich version with a customized user interface “Miflavor UI”. The handset will be powered by a dual-core ARM Cortex – 15 CPU with a storage capacity of upto 64GB. Athena sports True HD display screen with capacitive buttons on it. Unlike the Oppo Finder which will be available only in Chinese market (starting from June 6th) ZTE Athena will be released world wide.
More details like the price, camera, battery capacity etc are yet to be revealed.