What features should be present in 2012 Smartphones

If you are planning to buy a smartphone then below are the list of features which should be looked at. Last month in the Mobile World Congress many cell phone manufacturers have already showcased their devices with many exciting features in built, but most of the phones are yet to be released perhaps releasing by April end.

  • Primary Features:
  • Below are the basic features which should be looked at before grabbing one.
    1. Big Display: Displays between 4″ to 5″ would look quiet big and will be handy. Bigger than this may be difficult to fit in the pocket or holding in hand. Smartphone with this display size are Panasonic Eluga Power, Sony Xperia S, HTC One X.2. Latest Os: Software are usually buggy. It means some functionality doesn’t work properly or as expected. So they get fixed and the version changes accordingly. It directly indicates that the latest version is the better version compared to its predecessors. So in case of Android, the phone should be built on the Ice Cream Sandwich – Android 4.0 as it is the latest version of Android.3. HD screen Display: Almost all the smartphones come with a solid touch screen but the the screen should be Hign Definition screen like Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus or Apple’s Retina Display. With such screen the videos and pictures will be crisp and clear.

    4. Dual-Core: Today in the market most of the cell phones are powered on the dual-core processor to support multitasking. Today’s generation needs this technology as the apps require high process time so in order to reduce this a dual core processor can be help ful.
    GPU’s (Graphics Processor Unit) should also be included in the system, this unit serves the video/audio applications for fast processing.

    5. Carrier Compatibility: Apple had produced its iPhone just for at&t carrier making it a limitation. So the phones should produced for several carriers to attract more customers.

    6. Two quality Cameras: One camera at the front preferably 2MP and the other at the rear helps in video conferencing and chatting on skype on 3G network.

    7. Powerful Battery: With the HD screen display the battery life tends to become shorter but if the phone has a powerful battery with 1700mAh then it would make a good choice. Motoroloa Defy Mini XT320 has a powerful battery.

    8. NFC: Near Filed Communication is a wireless communication protocol which uses radio signals for communication similar to the RFID technology. This technology is used rapidly. With this technology one can use the mobile as a credit card. Nokia Lumia 610 NFC has this capability.

  • Secondary Features:
  • Below are the features which are not so basic in today’s generation but some cell phone manufacturers have already included these features in their sophisticated devices.
    1. Quad-Core Processor: As the processor number increases the performance and the throughput also increases. Hence the advantage of quad-core processing is several apps can be run at the same time. HTC One X has this feature. It is rumored that Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy 3 will also be powered by quad-core.2. Support for 4G Network: 4G basically helps in the data communication speed. Still many of the service providers should ramp up their service from 3G to 4G, so this feature is not that needed in today world. But for the customers who are looking to keep their mobile for a long term then they should go with this feature. Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G is 4G compatible released on 21st March 2012.3. Physical Keyboard: Corporate world needs this feature for easy mail and enterprising. BlackBerry Porsche P9981 is the latest smartphone with physical keyboard.

    4. DustProof & WaterProof makes the mobile stronger and such feature is good for people who are careless by nature:)

    5. Dual SIM: This technology is necessary for business purposes.