Nokia Lumia 900 releasing in June for Rs 28000

Nokia seems to have forgot the Indian market. After the launch of its two Lumia Windows Phone devices 800 and 710 there are no special news on its other windows phone launch in India. Nokia Lumia 900 and Lumia 610 are the two windows phone devices which are yet to be released. Reports on Internet say that due to the high demand of Lumia 900 in the US market (launched in April)Nokia has delayed its lumia 900 launch in the other regions. Till today, Lumia 900 is available in US, UK, Canada and Singapore.
Nokia is one of the favorite brand among most of the Indian customers due to its good customer support and user friendly devices. But if it keeps neglecting the Indian market due to whatsoever reason it may loose its stance in the market as many other brands are releasing their smartphones day in and day out inline with the other international markets.

Here is the news from which claims the Nokia Lumia 900 release in the first half of June in India for Rs 28000. Nokia is already training its support staff with the device for better marketing.
Many of the cell phone reviewers on the internet have praised the Lumia 900 on its looks, features and specifications. This phone was announced in Jan 2012 and has already won the best SmartPhone award before it was released. India’s version of Lumia 900 will be having 4G support or not is yet to be confirmed.

Quick glance on the features of Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone:

– Processor: 1.4GHz Qualcomm APQ8055 Snapdragon S2 (Single Core)
– Graphics Processing Unit: Adreno 205 GPU
– Os: Windows Phone 7.5 Mango
– 512MB RAM, 16GB Internal Memory Storage
– No microSD slot for Memory Expansion
– Micro SIM slot
– Battery Power: standard Li-lon 1830 mAh
– 4.3inch AMOLED with ClearBlack technology
– Corning® Gorilla® Glass for scratch resistance
– 8 MP rear camera with autofocus and dual-LED flash with Carl Zeiss Optics lens
– 1.3MP Front facing camera
– 2G, 3G and 4G LTE
– microUSB, 3.5mm Audio Jack, A-GPS, Bluetooth 2.1v, WiFi
– Tango software for free Video Calls
– Sensors: 3D Accelerometer, gyroscope, Proximity, Ambient Light Sensor, Compass

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Nokia bringing Waterproof PureView and Lumia Windows Phone devices in Future

Nokia’s Research Center at Cambridge UK are working on an awesome technology called as Superhydrophobic technology . This technology makes the cellphones or any sophisticated electronic devices water resistant. It is inspired from the nature. As the water drops on the lotus leaf it slides down without leaving any wet mark on it. In the similar way Nokia’s Superhydrophobic technologyalso works. A nano-structured coating is sprayed/coated on the device all over which actually traps the air on the surface and when a drop of water falls on this surface the coating makes the liquid to just float in the air without touching the surface. Hence the Superhydrophobic coated devices makes the droplets to bounces and skid on the surface without spreading across. This technology is in its final stage of development and the Finnish smartphones manufacturer has revealed to add this new and unique technology to its future PureView devices and Lumia Windows Phone devices hence bringing them waterproof handsets category.

Watch this amazing video for more information on Nokia’s Super Dry Nanotechnology.

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Nokia Meego Phones coming soon

After the release of MeeGo based smartphone Nokia N9 in August 2011 Nokia had planned not to use the MeeGo Platform on any of its future handsets since it is partnered with the Microsoft for making Windows Phone as its flagship Os. But many users of Nokia N9 are fascinated even today with the amazing performance delivered by MeeGo. Anyways Nokia has again started to work on the smartphones based on MeeGo Os which is said to potential enough to compete with the Android Smartphones. These smartphones will be budget phones. This project may be referred to the Nokia’s Meltemi project. Recent release of the Nokia’s S40 based Asha smartphones did not contribute much to the selling numbers. So by bringing MeeGo it indicates that Nokia may be replacing its age old S40/Symbian platform with the MeeGo based Meltemi Os.

In the Android & Apple filled smartphone market new platforms from Microsoft, MeeGo and even Mozilla will give a good option for some of the users who are looking for a change.

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Detailed Review: Nokia N9

Nokia is one such company which always try to innovate and develop new stuffs. They never try to jump on the hot technology which isn’t developed by them, like Android. Similar to Apple they use their own technology for their devices. 2011 was not a good year for Nokia, it faced loses, laid off the employees.
In the month of August 2011 they introduced a new Smartphone Nokia N9 based on the new Os called as MeeGo. In the Nokia Nseries N9 is the first Smartphone based on MeeGo 1.2 “Harmattan” Os. MeeGo Os is a Linux based open source operating system targeted for Mobile Devices, Netbooks, Tablets and other consumer electronics like IPTV. But the company has already announced that it will not return to MeeGo for its Future devices since it has planned to use Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Os.

    • System:

N9 is built on Texas Instrument’s OMAP 3630 which is a system on chip controller which includes three other processor in it, the main core being the 1GHz ARM Cortex Processorresponsible to handle the applications and the Os tasks. The other two processor help in the the image processing, audio processing and data transmission. Phone has two versions based on the fixed storage space, 16GB & 64GB, this means there is no expandable memory card slot. 1GB of low power Mobile DDR RAM. Battery is integrated in the device. It means we can’t remove the battery, if anything bad happens then we have to send it to company for service. Battery life for GSM phone is 11 hours and WCDMA its 7 hours and is charged using the micro usb. This phone uses Micro-SIM card slot. So if you have a mini-SIM card (which most of us have) then contact your operator to replace it with micro-SIM card. As per the company you can run numerous apps simultaneously like games, maps, video player, camera. There are very few external keys, Lock/Unlock key, volume control and a reset button. This means the phones uses touchscreen as the major user interface. Phone works with full featured sensors like –

Accelerometer – Used to change the display orientation from landscape to portrait & vice versa.

Proximity sensor – deactivates the display and the touchscreen when the phone is brought near to face during a call.
Ambient light detector – Adjusts the display brightness automatically.
Dual microphone – Helps in cancelling the active noise while on call.

    • Display & Camera:

N9 has a 10cm High definition AMOLED display with the capacitive multi touch functionality and with aresolution of 854 x 480 pixels (FWVGA – Full Wide Video Graphics Array). This display looks sharp in the direct sunlight & it is built using Gorilla technology. It means the glass used for the screen is scratch resistant. There are two cameras on phone front and back which helps us during a video conferencing under a 3G network. Front camera is a VGA but the back camera is a 8MP, 4X Digital zoom with auto-focus and dual LED flash. The Carl Zeiss lens does a great job of capturing the moment.

    • Music & Connectivity:

There is a 3.5mm AV connector and a High speed USB connector. This AV connector can be used for video output where we can connect it to TV and watch videos from the phone. But as i mentioned before there is no HDMI connector in this phone. Other connectivity includes WIFI, GPS, VPN support, Bluetooth 2.1, NFC (Near Field Communication) and FM Transceiver.

    • Availability and Price:

The Phone is not available in the giant market in the Western countries it means no US, UK, France, Germany.
For the countries where Nokia N9 can be purchased directly please refer the Nokia site. As i mentioned earlier that the company has no future plans to produce anymore smartphones using MeeGo Os but there will be full support given for the released phone both for hardware and software. Price of N9 excluding taxes and subsidies ranges from EURO 480 to EURO 560depending on the handset memory storage space. This phone may be having some drawbacks but has won many hearts of its users.

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