World’s first Mobile Phone

  • First Mobile Phone – 1946:
  • After the second world war the first mobile phone also called as the Car Telephone was brought into service in 1946. It used the Public Switch Telephone Network the Mobile Telephone Service for placing the call. It means an operator helps to place the required call. This phone was designed and developed by the Bell Laboratories and the Western Electric Corporation.The Whole Telephone unit consists of Transmitter, Receiver, Antenna, Control Cables, Phone Unit and the Battery totally weighing around 80pounds was placed in the car. The driver is the primary person to place or receive the calls. The calls can be placed from the phone unit present near the dashboard of the car.Calls were expensive costing around 30 to 40 cents for a local call (30 to 40 cents in those days would be really very costly). Push to Talk technology was used for the communication. It means the user has to push a control button to talk and release it to listen. This telephone unit consumed lot of power from the battery unit during the calls hence required frequent recharging.

    In 1956 the Swedish telecom company Ericsson in association with TeliaSonera developed the first fully automatic mobile telephone system. It means the call can be placed and received in the car without the operators help.

    After the invention of the transistor by 1965 the telephone units became compact and less bulkier. Companies like Motorola, GE also developed compact ans reliable handsets using the transistors. The phones transited from half duplex to full duplex.