Intel: Future Windows 8 tablets to cost $200 only

Written on:April 19, 2013
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According to Paul Otellini the Head of Intel the future windows 8 based tablets will be priced for $200 only (appx. Rs 11k). Most probably these tablets will be sized between 7 to 8 inch. According to the Cnet reports, the tablet will be featuring the Intel’s new chip codenamed as “Bay Trail”.
Bay Trail is the next generation of Intel’s Atom processor and the tablet powered by this chip is expected to be announced by third quarter of this year.

Such low price for the tablet could be possible because of two reasons – Windows Blue (next version of Windows 8) license are much cheaper and the Win8 support for the 1024×768 pixel as the minimum resolution instead of the earlier 1366x768p.


Advantages of Bay Trail processor compared to the Intel Atom is its quad core power and the reduced power consumption. With this feature the upcoming Intel tablets will give an equally good performance than the Google’s Nexus 7 and at the same time will keep the battery hold on for a full day. The first Bay Trail powered tablet is expected to hit the market by this Christmas.

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