Some Limitations of the all new HTC One (M7)

Written on:March 6, 2013
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HTC One (M7) is the 2013 flagship smartphone from the Taiwanese Brand. Currently the company is on the edge of loosing its grip from the smartphone market due to its consistent decrease in shares. Last year similar things had happened to the other giants like Nokia and BlackBerry. No wonder Samsung could be the reason for this.
In such case the company’s 2013 flagship model HTC One could be the dark horse which can take the stumbling cell phone maker to a safe zone. Only coming days can tell on this.
But this article is all about negatives of the all new HTC One. Lets not look at its much discussed cutting edge specs but move towards the unseen and unsaid side.

For HTC One Unique Specs you can read here.

Below are the 5 limitations/disadvantages/restrictions of HTC One smartphone which mayn’t look so serious but tend to bother while shelling the money for its purchase.


1. Non Removable Battery:
HTC One has a non detachable Full Metal at the back covered with Gorilla Glass at the front. So no chance of removing the battery as it is locked for the lifetime inside the phone. Design problem.
I personally feel every smartphone should come with a removable battery. Let me justify this with some practical examples.
– Business men keep traveling every now and then in their career. In such situation they usually prefer to have one additional battery as a backup in worst case so that they can replace it and keep the phone going. HTC One doesn’t give this flexibility.
– After a brief prolong use (perhaps 3 to 4 years) the phone’s battery tends to over heat or lose its performance therefore it mayn’t give a sufficient battery backup. With HTC One the user has to live with such battery as he can’t replace it with the new one.

2. Non Removable Back Cover:
As most of us already know that the HTC One comes with a Aluminum Unibody with Zero Gap construction. It simply means we cannot separate the back cover with the phone. God forbids if something happens to that beautiful back of HTC One. Like some kind of deep scratches, color issues or any other hard marks on it then “Govinda”. To rub or remove the marks don’t try to wash this phone, your Rs 45k bubble will get busted as this handset is not waterproof like Xperia Z.
One can use the Phone Case to overcome such issue but you will be hiding the premium looks with it.

3. No Snapdragon 800 Processor:
At CES 2013 Qualcomm introduced its new set of processor named as Snapdragon 800 (most powerful), 600, 400 and 200 (least powerful). HTC One is powered by Snapdragon 600 which is little less powerful when compared to 800.
Snapdragon 800 powered smartphones are expected to be released in the Q2 of this year. HTC could have postponed the launch of its flagship device and released it with the 800 in the Q2. Since the HTC One is the flagship model its combination with Qualcomm’s 800 processor could be more justified.
Also the delayed release of HTC1 could have boosted the sales of its 5 Inch smartphone HTC Butterfly which got released just few days before the One was announced.
Any smartphone with Snapdragon 800 are expected to have ultimate multimedia capability (Camera experience) and stunning display and graphics quality.

4. Low Battery Life:
HTC One comes with Android v4.1.2 Jelly Bean Os, 1.7GHz Quad core processor and a 4.7 Full HD display. With its latest Sense 5 UI the phone also comes with some unique features like HTC Blinkfeed, HTC Zoe and HTC BoomSound. BlinkFeed is the new kind of homescreen with latest feeds shown in there (like Windows Live Tiles). This feature requires internet all the time. HTC Boom Sound includes two front stereo speakers for better sound experience. All this is powered by 2300mAh battery which looks less. Moreover HTC hasn’t mentioned any power management application where the unused cores are shut down or the battery life is boosted with proper application management. Only with practical use one can come to know how much will this 2300mAh battery help in real.

5. No External storage Slot:
Similar to its predecessor even the HTC One doesn’t come with a microSD Card slot for memory expansion. The device comes with two variants 32GB and 64GB alongwith 50GB of drop box storage. Therefore one has to find there satisfaction within this limit.

Apart from the above I didn’t find any issues (on paper) with this phone. The handset has already won the Best Phone award at MWC 2013. HTC looks little lazy in marketing this device.
The smartphone is expected to be released between March last week and April first week in India may be under Rs 40K. Currently the 5 inch HTC Butterfly is selling around Rs 45k in the country.

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    This article is uninformed and badly written. Rubbish.

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