How to find the Song details by just humming

Written on:March 25, 2013
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There are so many instances in life where we listen a song for the first time on street or in gym, hotel or any other places and start liking it. And by the time we return home we hardly remember any words of the song. In such case it is almost impossible to find any kind of information of the song using Google.
Luckily if we have the tune in our mind then there is a possibility to find the details of the song using the apps on the mobile phones.

SoundHound is one such app which just requires a tune to be sung and it will provide you enough details of the album including Live lyrics, link to Youtube. And once you get these details then Google can further provide you each and every bit of the info of the song.
SoundHound is available at Apple App Store, Google’s PlayStore and Windows MarketPlace. So one can use it on all the devices based on android, windows Phone and iOS platforms. The app is available freely with banner ads. One can purchase it for Rs 350 ($6.99) for no ads version.

Procedure to find the song on Smartphone/Tablet:
1. Open the SoundHound Application
2. Tap on the orange logo of the app
3. Play the song from another source or start humming the tune
4. The information is presented on the screen once the app recognizes the tune



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