What features to look for in a 2012 tablet?

Written on:May 2, 2012
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Apple has sold 3million new ipads in just 3 days. After calculation it roughly gives a figure of 10ipads every second. This popular the iPad or in general a tablet has become in 2012. The next half of this year will see some more beautiful tablets from companies like Google, Nokia, Intel apart from Apple, BlackBerry, Asus, ZTE, HTC, Toshiba, Samsung, Lenovo etc. These tablets will have the latest technologies built-in them. Google may release its tablet powered with the Android’s next version Android 5.0 Jelly Bean, Intel and Nokia with the all new Windows 8 platform, Apple planning to deliver a cost effective iPad mini and Samsung most probably with a dual-screen slate like the Sony Tablet P.

Below are the list of features to be looked in a 2012 tablet before buying:

  • Processor (CPU/GPU)
  • Processor being the heart of the system forms a key feature for a tablet. Qualcomm has released its second generation powerful CPU called as Snapdragon S4 Krait. Along with the S4, Nvidia’s Tegra 3, TI OMAP5 and Samsung’s Exynos 4 Quad also support multicore processors. Gpu’s like Qualcomm’s Adreno 225/310/320, ARM’s Mali-400 would be a great choice. Usually these GPU’s are embedded in the chipset (like Krait S4). Intel’s Atom Z2760 dual-core based tablet is yet to debut earlier in 2013. For gamers multicore processor with a high performance GPU would be of great help. Try to choose the tablets with the any latest processor listed above.

  • Operating System
  • In a system, Os is responsible to manage the resources which are present in the device. Like, providing the CPU to the high priority task. How effectively it manages speeder the system responds (this depends on the processor also). So Os plays an important role in the quality and throughput of a device. Currently there are three choices in this category – Android, Apple and BlackBerry. Microsoft’s Windows 8 will be launched in the next half of this year. Every platform has its own specialty. Advantages of Android Os is its Open source (and free), getting more matured day by day with its multitasking and numerous multimedia stuffs like Apps, Games, Books, Music, Movies can be found at one place – Google Play. Apple’s IOS being a closed source also handle multitasking very smoothly and has its own secured appstore. NFC support is available in both Android and Blackberry Os and is also expected in the IOS with the iPhone 5 launch this year end. All the listed os are having Adobe Flash support for better games and internet experience.
    As the latest version in any Os means enhancements and bug-fixes so choose a tablet with the latest version running on it. In case of android Icecream sandwich (upgradeable to Jelly bean) would be a better choice.

  • Display
  • Display size is the major feature which differentiates a tablet in comparison with a smartphone or a PC/Laptop. Tablets have their screen size greater than phone but lesser than a pc. So choose a tablet of size between 7″ to 11″ (diagonally). Samsung’s Galaxy Note has a screen size of 5.3″ which is pretty big for a smartphone (its like a tablet and a smartphone). But as the screen size increases the cost also increases along with the weight. Its all about your needs, for a movie fan/gamer bigger display would satisfy, for a reader/surfer medium sized display would be great and for a guy who wants a short and sweet kind of tablet 7inch would be perfect. Display’s also consume the major chunk of the battery power. So many tablet manufacturers have their own display technology built-in the device for minimizing the power consumption & simultaneously giving a good user experience. Enquire on this technology features before grabbing one.
    Most of the tablets today come with the Capacitive multi touch screen which is an ideal choice.

  • Memory
  • All the running applications need RAM. Os upgrade also depends on RAM size. Bigger the RAM size better is the performance of the system. Today many tablets operate with 1GB RAM which is quiet enough for the apps and the user.
    Internal storage again depends on the one’s needs. Tablets with 32GB as internal memory and a micro SD card slot (expandable upto 32GB) would be more than enough (total of 64GB). Note that the price varies depending on the memory size. So choose which suits your needs. Ideally 16GB expandable upto 32GB is a good one.

  • Connectivity
  • Tablets are majorly used for online experience. Below are some mobile connectivity features which needless to say should be present in one.
    – Most of the service providers are extending their services from 3G to 4G for faster browsing and high speed data communication. Apple’s new iPad supports 4G/LTE technology. For users who are looking for a long run with the tablet should have this feature else 3G would be perfect.
    Wifi/3G connectivity support for video calling
    – Bluetooth version 4.0 is configurable version. It has a Bluetooth Low Energy mode when selected the device consumes less power but communicates at slower speed (upto 200kbps). Communication range is upto 50m.
    – GPS
    – Ports are more important for a tablet. HDMI interface, USB, 3.5mm Audio Jack and a SIM card slot are some of the ports which should be looked at.

  • Camera
  • Rear camera of 5MP/8MP with LED Flash, auto focus with zoom would be fine. 2MP front camera for video chatting.

  • Battery & Sensors
  • Battery life of a tablet depends on your usage. Battery power of more than 4000mAh would withstand for longer hours perhaps upto 10hrs or so.
    Sensors like accelerometer, light sensor, gyroscope, compass should be integrated.

  • Price
  • Price depends on many factors as explained in the above points and it also depends on the brand name. A well featured tablet in 2012 may cost between $500 to $800.

    Ideal features for 2012 smartphones please refer this.

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