Intel Tablets in India will be available only by 2013 and not this year

Written on:May 12, 2012
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Few weeks before Intel officially introduced its 7″ dust proof and waterproof StudyBook tablet which is targeted for the educational markets. And few days back Lava International released its first Intel Medfield soc based handset Lava Xolo X900 into the Smartphone market. This smartphone has received good benchmarks from the reviewers. And now Intel has said that it is working on the Windows 8 ultra thin tablets which aren’t seen much in the current tablet market. So it is clear that Intel is working harder to obtain its chunk of share in the current ARM based tablet market.
But these tablets will be launched only by 2013 in India. EFYTimes has managed to get this information directly from an Intel official who say’s “Intel is not bringing any tablet PC in India this year. Depending on the OEM partners, the possibility of an Intel-powered tablet in 2013 is quite certain,” .

Microsoft’s Windows Os and Intel’s x86 chip both are the deadly combination. Most of us use the Intel and Windows powered laptops, desktops day in and day out. There are many reasons why this combination is stronger. One of the reason could be that most of the apps/drivers are already developed using windows os and x86 instructions. So Intel’s move towards Windows 8 tablets will surely make it go smoothly in its tablet business. But there are three versions coming out in the Windows 8 OS. Windows RT for ARM, and Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro for x86 chips. Hence bringing in a tough competitor for Intel in the Windows tablet segment. Most of the Android tablets today are powered by the ARM processor. It is said that most of the tablet manufacturers are working on around 20 tablets using Intel processors and Windows 8 Os.

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