How to Dry a Wet Cell Phone/Ipod in 5 steps

Written on:February 10, 2012
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There are so many cases of phone/iPod getting wet in water. Most of such accidents happen in the toilet, washing machines, Rain, Unknowingly jumping into the water. In such case water enters into the device most likely through the charging port or the headset port and damages the phone.

Did your expensive Phone or iPod got wet and its not working?

If this is the case then don’t worry, just try the below 5 simple steps –

1. Dismantle the iPod/Cell phone’s parts like, remove the Sim card, Battery, covers. Don’t unscrew anything else.
2. Take a small bag filled with Uncooked rice and nothing else.
3. Place all the Cell phones parts into the bag covered with rice all over and zip it tightly for 24 to 48 hours.
4. The rice absorbs all the moisture and now the phone/iPod is most likely ready to be used again.
5. Caution! Do not dry the cell phone by placing it in Oven, your cell phone may melt.

One of my friend got wet in rain and so did his mobile phone. He was able to call but had difficulty in hearing.
Later he tried this solution and now his phone works as new.
There’s a Cell Phone company which has already manufactured Floating Mobile Phones. It means such mobile phone works even if they are in water (waterproof). I will come up with an article on such mobile phone soon.

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